5 Things to do In Dubai Mall

Dubai malls are attracted people from all over the globe. The reason is their malls have all types of aspects according to every culture. 

Dubai’s retail establishments offer a wide range of goods. If you are visiting Dubai and are unsure what to pack for your family, this blog may help you a lot.

Or if you want thrill and shopping simultaneously, we have some brilliant ideas for you to do in malls.

Go to some famous abu dhabi malls hotel for your shopping. 

Let’s spot on!

Dubai Aquarium

We all love to see tiny living creatures in the sea. The Dubai underwater zoo has a giant tank full of sharks and thousands of species. You may have a good experience of hooking in the life of mini creatures inside the water.

Remember to bring your young child here because he will enjoy seeing the sharks.

Ice Skating Ring

Are you good at skating but need a final touch-up to gear up professionals? There is a team of experts that are skating beautifully. Also, they are more willing to teach you all the ups and downs of skating in a tremendous skating ring. 

Hysteria, a Scary Place

Do you like to watch horror seasons at midnight? Then this place will excite you. The haunting items in this mall are all displayed in a massive setup in a large hall. The horror event will shake your adrenaline drastically. 

But if you are a weak heart, then avoid visiting this place. 

Dubai Fountain

We have all heard about the famous dancing fountain at the foot of Burj khalifa. One of the best experiences is seeing the water dance on a large scale. Make sure you reserve your seat before the event because weekends are available.

Dine in

Before leaving a Dubai mall, take advantage of the tempting Arabic food served by the restaurant. If you are a junk lover, there are various pasta, salads and soups for you. Enjoy your meal!

Points to Pick

We have compiled all the top activities you may do at abu dhabi malls hotel. You may have a memorable time once you follow all the above instructions.

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